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Benefits of Choosing a Home-Based Preschool

What are the benefits of choosing a home-based preschool?  A home-based preschool teacher continues the parents role of caregiver, nurturer, comforter and first teacher.  The provider is not just a babysitter; a babysitter comes into your home for a few hours and you tell her what you want for your child.  A home-based preschool teacher welcomes you and your child into her home.  She plans meals, schedules, and safety.  She organizes the children's activities.  She is a professional and you can rely on her judgment.  Working together as a team, they will provide the BEST care for your child.  The home-based teacher is not a substitute for you.  You are the MOST important person in your child's life and the provider respects that!

Here are just a few of the advantages of a home-based preschool or child care:

*Your child receives individualized attention and care.

*There is more structure and less chaos than in a big center.

*Your child is cared for and taught by trained child care professionals and teachers who typically are parents themselves.

*There is less illness because there are fewer people in and out, which means fewer germs are spread to your child.

*Your child has the same caregiver all day, every day!  It is nice knowing that one person knows exactly what your child has done, eaten, etc. throughout the day.

*It is possible for your child to have the SAME teacher from the toddler years to entering kindergarten.

*A quality home-based preschool may cost more than some large daycare centers, but the lower number of children, quality of care, and consistency of the teachers makes a difference in price more understandable.

*The ratio of children per caregiver  is much lower in a home-based preschool than at a daycare center.

*You and your child are treated as part of a family in a home-based preschool rather than being just another number in a large center.

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